LIVE on Zoom February 22nd | 12:00-1:00 pm PST

How to 10X Your Content Output Using AI

Are you a business owner, CEO, or marketer who wants to discover the fastest way to automate your content marketing workflow with AI?

Join us in this exclusive workshop to learn how to 10x your content output in 4 steps done with AI.

Skyrocket Productivity | Grow Your Brand's Reach | Cut Costs & Increase ROI

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What you'll learn:

AI Content Automation Strategies

Learn the 4-step system and AI tool to streamline your content process using AI. This segment offers practical tips for individuals or teams to enhance efficiency, creativity, and productivity while saving time and money.

Yokel Local's AI Workflow

Want access to our secret AI-integrated content workflow we use for our clients? This is tailor-made for busy business owners and CEOs looking to increase brand authority online and on social media.

Castmagic Insights

Discover how Castmagic enhances thought leadership in content creation. Greg's insights are key for business owners and CEOs seeking innovative strategies to increase their content to grow their brand, get more leads and sales.

About Your Presenters


Darrell Evans is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and CEO/Co-founder of Yokel Local Internet Marketing and host of The MindShift Podcast. He and his teams have helped businesses market, grow, and scale their businesses and generate over $300M in revenue online since 2011.


Greg Wasserman is the Head of Growth, Partnerships, and Community for Castmagic. His 20 years working with brands, companies, agencies, and small businesses make him a valuable resource. A leading voice in the podcast industry, a jack of all trades, and someone who values connection, he's set to share insights on the power of content repurposing, saving valuable time, and expanding your business.

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